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Autoscript WinPlus-IP

Autoscript WinPlus-IP
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The power behind Intelligent Prompting

With a recognisable look and feel refined over many years of use, familiar shortcut keys and enhanced functionality, WinPlus-IP is a simple and modern refresh of the industry standard prompting application.

The default user interface is ideally suited for operation in dark production environments, with colours and content location able to be customised to the operator’s taste. The super smooth scroll preview ensures a clear overview of the prompted script at all times and improved features such as the font resize slider and prompt output indicator in the edit window make operating fast and intuitive.

WinPlus-IP networks directly to all Intelligent Prompting devices, including controllers, monitors and the XBox-IP. A device status tool enables monitoring and management of all Intelligent Prompting devices on the network, as well as group updates that can be used to manage individual productions (dependent on user access rights).

This latest upgrade builds on the reliability that Autoscript is renowned for worldwide. For critical live productions a full redundancy fail-safe is facilitated by the IP-enabled workflow, whereby a mirror PC can immediately take over from a failed PC without manual intervention.

Simplified menus presented above the relevant content area, and user definable layouts, further add to the package to make this the most powerful prompting application available.

  • Powerful, modern refresh of WinPlus brings the industry standard up-to-date and supports a fully IP-enabled workflow
  • Intuitive and fast operation with simple menus and familiar processes, avoids the downtime and errors associated with learning a new system
  • Customisable user interface allows operators to define the layout and colour of the application, and pin content tiles to sidebar when not required
  • Super smooth scroll real time preview ensures a clear overview of what the talent is reading
  • Intelligent Prompting device manager enables users to add, monitor, group and update networked prompting devices remotely
  • Grouping of devices for production settings reduces system setup time
  • Support for multi-language operation
  • Minimal data transfer required vs baseband video/video over IP
  • At a glance device status
  • Instant connectivity globally
  • Immediate redundancy

Product Specification


Minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: 1GB of free disk space
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: i3
  • Graphics: Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3 for smooth preview/VGA prompting


  • Connects automatically to all Intelligent Prompting devices on the connected IP network
  • In-screen real time scroll preview
  • Simple customisable user interface: resizable windows, colour selection, content tile position, content tile pin to sidebar, tabbed windows
  • Script edits during live prompting
  • Multi language support
  • Word & RTF Import and Export
  • Graphical scroll control

Run Order

  • Options: add story, remove story, cloak story, drop story, scroll to prompter, track live story, print run order
  • Available run order preview
  • Drag and drop story

Story Editor

  • Options: font type, font size, font format, font colour, background colour, spell check, cut & paste
  • Script matches prompt mode to indicate prompt output
  • Follow prompter
  • Font resize slider

Prompter Preview

  • Super smooth scroll
  • Options: timer, on-screen message, invert colours, blank screen
  • Timer options: background clock, background timer
  • Presenter preferences

Device Management

  • Status: add manual, add discovered, monitoring
  • Device grouping for firmware updates
  • Remote program of scroll control function buttons
  • Assign colours to function buttons
  • Remote software and firmware updates


  • HC-IP desktop scroll control (not included)
  • EVO-IP monitors, including EPIC-IP systems (not included, no XBox-IP required)
  • XBox-IP scroll engine (not included, produces dual HD-SDI output)

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