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To date using speciality camera often meant the added burden of cabling, incompatible equipment, lack of connections, and so on. To address this key issue, we’ve designed the Cy-CI0 which is a generic Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera interface module that can be fixed to your camera or simply placed next to it.

From a single IP connection, it will directly power small cameras and control them using pre-made cables using all types of ports: RS232, RS422, RS485, LANC, TTL, DMX and more. It can also be used wirelessly over WIFI or serial RF modems.

We’re also designing motorization for focus and iris on most C-Mount lenses, controllable from our camera interface too. This interface could also relay control of robo heads through Pelco, DMX, etc.

A future version will add video over IP using lightweight compression like TICO or VC2 to keep compatibility with the affordable 1Gbps IP switches.

  • Camera control: RS232,422,485 serial protocols and LANC
  • 2 outputs to control 2 same/different cameras on one Cy-CI0
  • Lens control
  • Accessories control
  • Wireless through 433-900MHz/Wifi/3G
  • PoE+ powers interface, camera and lens

=> only through a simple RJ45

https://www.youtube.com/embed/FjaxL5dpGG0" frameborder="0"

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