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Desisti DE-LUX 1 230V 1x55W M.O. DMX

Desisti DE-LUX 1 230V 1x55W  M.O. DMX
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Varenummer: 4690.410
Producentlink: Desisti
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The new Optics in the De Lux is making marvels to the LIGHT BEAM, which is now contained within 50-60 Degrees in Beam Angle, avoiding the use in most cases of EGG CRATES or HONEYCOMBS…..these accessories normally reduce dramatically the Light Intensity but they are almost OBLIGATORY in other products with very large Light Beams and often can create problems to CAMERA LENSES if they are not reduced, while the new DE LUX produce already a contained, but beautifull and even projection.

The following HIGHLIGHTS are representing the innovation introduced by the NEW DE LUX:

1.     The DE LUX 1 is a perfect product for contained height studios due to its small dimension and occupancy on the height.

2.     Higher Light Intensity across the range of 1, 2, 4 and 6 lamps DE LUX (approx. 30% higher outputs of the equivalent power of the previous model).

3.     Availability now of the ON OFF Version: until today DE SISTI had produced the ANALOG, DMX and PHASE CONTROLLED VERSIONS….the new ON OFF Version is ideal for contained Budget or simple applications.

4.     Optimized shape of the Light Beam, ideal for multiple camera use in the studio, with more effective control of the beam projection.

5.     More effective action of the Honeycombs.

6.     Compatible to operate with De Sisti LED FRESNELS.

7.     Price competitive.

The already successful DE LUX range is currently improved, reduced in cost and expanding itys application.

This is a further Step from DE SISTI towards Energy Savings by improving the efficiency and the performances of the product.

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