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Varenummer: SHADOW
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Tiffen takes great pride in introducing the Steadicam® Shadow V® camera stabilizing system, a low-cost big rig that performs like the Ultra2®. The Shadow V starts with a 25 to 38 inch (64-97cm) telescoping carbon fiber post coupled to the Ultra2® stage—with our patented ± 20º tilt head—and terminating in a new solid base. The Shadow-V fills the need for a heavy-duty, high-performance, and low-cost rig. Also included is the G-70X Iso-Elastic® Stabilizer Arm, Ultra2 Vest, Docking and Balancing bracket, add-on weights, and the Steadicam logo hard sled case with wheels.

Options include a variety of monitors, including the 8”, 1000 nit Steadicam CineMonitor HD by Transvideo, batteries, chargers, cases, cables, vehicle mounts, and other professional accessories.

Like all our Steadicam stabilizers the Shadow V is designed to be user-friendly, field-serviceable, tools-free, straightforward, and versatile so the operator can quickly and easily configure the rig to the best advantage for each shot. Change the sled length, balance, inertia, and go to low mode in a heartbeat, all without tools, extra parts, or fuss and bother. Solid, versatile, fast, with the Shadow V it all happens like magic on the set.

On the stage, the Wide Dovetail Lock has a broader, more positive grip on the dovetail plate, and the handle has a safety stop to prevent accidental release. The Integral Tilt Head preserves dynamic balance with the lens angled ± 20º—perfect for long mode or whip pans. The tilt head also maintains high or low lens heights, and helps with clearance, reach, or viewing problems.

The two section, carbon fiber Telescoping Post extends the sled from 25 to 38 inches (64–97 cm)—or anywhere in between—for short to long mode shooting. Inside the post is a patented curly-cable system which has discrete, 12 and 24 volt lines for sustained high-amp capacity (14 gauge wires!); three separate, dedicated and uninterrupted HD-SDI coax cables; plus composite video in and out.

The Shadow-V uses the Ultra2 Gimbal—the smoothest, most precise gimbal ever made, with heavy duty, high precision bearings and an ergonomic yoke. It’s easy to take apart for cleaning and it comes with its own tool—“The Blue Whale”—which operators can use to precisely center the gimbal in the field, even after years of hard knocks.

The post, monitor and gimbal’s Low-Profile Clamps are either open and free, or positively locked, with a snap-over-centers clamping action. The clamp lever is ergonomically recessed into the clamp bodies, so nothing sticks out to catch on a cable. The Swept-Back Monitor Mount is designed for maximum stiffness, inertial control, and viewing options. It now offers a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally, and the flip-to-low-mode dovetail mount is both quick and positive.

Shadow V Modular Electronics provides a “backplane” system that replaces the traditional wiring harness and supports user-replaceable circuit boards. Microprocessors are software upgradeable. The new, smaller electronics box continues our exclusive narrow sled design, and includes an electronic frameline generator.

The Structural Dovetail Base solidly mounts gyros, Antlers™, or other accessories. There are two positive clamps for the battery rods and a pull out mounting plate for accessories. The Monitor and the Battery Pack are adjustable in, out, and vertically over a wide range, giving operators great choices for viewing, balance, and inertial control. The Tilting Battery Mount can be angled over 180 degrees and creates additional options. In the standard mode, the sled is powered by two batteries in series to create 24 volts and 12 volts via a 100 watt down converter. Flip the on-off switch in the other direction to power everything on one battery for a lightweight 12 volt mode. A simple wire change inside the battery holder enables paralleling the two batteries for very high-amp draw, 12 volt cameras like the Panavision® Genesis®.

The Shadow system uses the Ultra2 Vest—the best fitting and strongest “front-mount” style vest on the market. It begins with a super-stiff adjustable spar, “Double Vee” shoulder clips, improved padding, and over-center ratcheting buckles. Lightweight, unobtrusive and superbly ergonomic, the vest works perfectly with the new generation of G-Series Arms. The Ultra2 Vest still has the world’s best quick-release system for safety.


  • The tools-free, super-smooth G-70X Arm lifts from 12 to 70 pounds (5–32 kg), yet is lightweight. The G-70X’s “Ride” knob alters iso-elasticity, so for the first time, users can precisely set how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried. The unique “Geo” feature alters spring geometry as it booms up and down to make the G-70X the smoothest, most well-behaved arm ever, throughout its astounding vertical range of 29 inches (74 cm). The new tools-free arm post holder is quick and positive, and its independent drag control delivers the precise rotation resistance desired—from completely free to totally locked, even when changing posts. At the other end of the arm, the new ‘kick-back’ link reduces “doorway” clearance and keeps the arm from banging against the operator on the run.

    All of the above features are integral to the Shadow V design; ready to be used when needed. The Shadow V continues the Ultra tradition—the most versatile and user-friendly Steadicam stabilizing system ever made. It lets one operate with minimum effort and maximum precision for every part of every shot. The sled is configured as desired: short, long, whippy or slow. The Shadow V is a cost-effective, heavy-duty “big rig”—the key to high-performance Steadicam operating.

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